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Do you need us working alongside your team on internal projects? A combination of remote and onsite work?

Our team of engineers are happy working remotely and onsite. If you need extra reassurance of face-to-face consultancy we have it covered.

  • Offices in Manchester and London.
  • Close Links With International Partners.
  • Security Compliance Specialist.
  • Competitively priced.
  • SME to Enterprise.
  • Guidance Provided.

Ambersail has provided high quality penetration testing services to Exact Mortgages for some time. Testing is comprehensive and reporting is excellent. The Ambersail team are all extremely helpful and available whenever we need them – even for the simplest of advice. We continue to find Ambersail’s services very useful. Head Of IT, Exact Mortgages

Ambersail is a specialist in Security Compliance.

Fully compliant


We Work All Over The World

Great penetration testing relies on great communication. We need to understand what your goals are and what needs to be tested. You need to understand how we are going to test and how to act on results.

We are a phone call or short journey away. You can pick up the phone and speak to a real person.

We have provided security services to companies right across the World for over a decade.

If you need a UK Penetration Testing expert …


  • We work from offices near Manchester and Central London. Our team provides penetration testing services to UK and international companies.
  • Our test team reviews networks, web and mobile applications, APIs, firewalls, wireless devices and physical environments. All to the same high standard.
  • We specialise in providing penetration tests to meet many standards. These include PCI, FCA and Cyber Essentials.
  • Sharing knowledge and experience is important to us.
  • We value a close working relationship with clients. It might be phone calls, onsite visits, or a combination of both. Whatever you are comfortable with.
  • We have many International clients across the world where we enjoy close working relationships.

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What Is Important To You?


Do You Need Penetration Testing To Be Compliant?

Getting compliant is one of the most common reasons as to why companies perform penetration testing. Some of the more well known standards are:

PCI (The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is interested in networks that support Payment Card Processing. If you read the standard, you get very clear direction on what needs to be tested. Another important point is when to test. Also who can perform the testing to maintain independence.

Another standard concerns companies handling financial data. This is of interest to the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). The FCA expects security and testing to follow standards such as ISO 27001/2. Financial organisations present higher risk as they process and store valuable data.

Finally, Cyber Essentials is maturing into a general purpose UK cyber security standard.  Companies are using the standard as a basic measure of security.


Do You Need UK Penetration Testing Services?

There are many instances when companies need us to be onsite to perform penetration testing. That is why they have chosen a UK penetration testing company.

An example is reviewing an internal network that can only be accessed when physically onsite. Reviewing wireless networks is another example. Clients often make the best use of our time when we are onsite to discuss security issues such as network and device configuration.

We are a UK Penetration Testing specialist. Onsite for us means working right across the UK. This extends to International engagements in regions such as the USA, Canada, Africa, the Middle East and Central Europe.


Is It Easy To Get Started?

Yes, it is very easy. When you contact us we will help you to understand what needs to be tested. We have been performing penetration tests for many years and there are many reasons why clients need testing. Also, we can advise on what needs to tested making your testing requirements simpler than originally planned.

Once we have understood what you need, we provide an easy to understand proposal that you can review. You will understand exactly what you are getting for your money.

We schedule the work at a time to suit you. Whether it be onsite at your offices or from our testing platform, we are flexible in how we deliver. You are presented with a test schedule and once approved, we can begin.

You will know who is testing you so that you can go straight to the right person if any questions arise.


Do You Need Testing Performed From Outside Of Your Network?

We test from our testing platform in the UK. Our team test a huge range of clients. This includes the largest and most diverse networks and applications.

We can react quickly. If required, we start testing within a few hours of being contacted.


Do You Have A Limited Budget?

Every company has one eye on budget. As such your penetration testing partner should be providing great value for money.

As a result, our clients receive clear advice on how, when and what to test. We are a specialist that works efficiently and keeps overheads low. Our clients have been with us for a long time and trust us to provide the very best value – keeping costs to a minimum.


Do You Need Thorough Penetration Testing?

Our experts perform a detailed analysis when penetration testing to locate serious logic and configuration issues. We work to the CREST methodology following guidance from institutions such as SANS and OWASP.

If you are concerned about security, you should be performing penetration testing at least annually.


Do You Need Quick Turn-Around Of Results?

Clients receive results promptly so that they can get on and fix any issues.

However, if we find any serious issues during testing, we will let you know straight away. We will not wait for the final report.

We carefully review all findings and present them to you with detailed fix advice once testing is finished. You will also receive a management summary of findings with any risk and business issues.

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