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Mobile App Penetration Testing

Protect Your Mobile App Environment From Data Breaches Mobile apps and networks are complex and rapidly evolving. The speed of change can introduce serious security issues. Our experienced team of CREST & OWASP experts can quickly identify security weaknesses. Certified App Security, OWASP & Compliance Specialist. Secure Data, Mobile Platforms, APIs. Cost Effective & Results... Read more »

Security News Roundup: Can You Hear Me Now?

Sometimes, the price of success is unwanted attention. Witness the apparently stratospheric rise in malware on the Android mobile platform. With mobile usage continuing to explode, coupled with the vast array of valuable data we store and access from our phones, it should come as no surprise that the  bad guys want a piece of… Read more »

New: Mobile Payment Acceptance Guidelines

Fresh from the PCI SSC – Mobile Payment Acceptance Guidelines. These are guidelines on payment acceptance using smartphone apps, and will be interesting reading to many of our readers. Download from here. Useful links:

Which Applications Are Eligible for PA DSS?

If you can answer “yes” to any of the following questions, then your application is not eligible for validation under PA DSS  Is this a beta version of the application? Does the application handle cardholder data, but the application itself does not facilitate authorization or settlement? Does the application facilitate authorization or settlement, but has… Read more »