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People and Awareness

Ambersail Aware. Keeping Your Staff Security Conscious Is As Important As Securing Your Networks. A great deal more effort and time is now spent educating staff on how to be more security aware. This pays dividends as people start to think and behave differently. It is not just about spotting suspicious emails. It extends to physical... Read more »

Infographic: How You Can Combat Cyber Crime

Our infographic gives you simple advice on how you, the individual, can combat cyber crime. Many organisations will spend much time and money on technological solutions to this growing problem. Have you ever wondered how you can help yourself, without depending on increasingly ineffectual technology?

Cyber Fraud Awareness

"We see staff awareness of cyber security and fraud as very important in keeping our organisation secure. Ambersail’s elearning courses and phishing exercises are really effective at driving the security message home." Operations Director - LICC Online Security Awareness Training For All Staff. Quick And Easy To Use. Designed For All Staff. Easy to understand, story based... Read more »