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Mobile App Penetration Testing

Protect Your Mobile App Environment From Data Breaches Mobile apps and networks are complex and rapidly evolving. The speed of change can introduce serious security issues. Our experienced team of CREST & OWASP experts can quickly identify security weaknesses. Certified App Security, OWASP & Compliance Specialist. Secure Data, Mobile Platforms, APIs. Cost Effective & Results... Read more »

Blocking Your Penetration Tester is a Bad Idea

GDPR Basics

What’s wrong with blocking your penetration tester? You’ve invested in technologies that prevent the bad guys from scanning your site and finding problems that they might be able to exploit. To be sure things are working, you commission a penetration test, and ask the penetration tester to see if the defences can be defeated. You block… Read more »

What is SQL Injection?

What is it? Put simply, SQL or sometimes “sequel” injection is a web site security fault that enables a hacker to steal the private or confidential data that you have available on your web site. It is surprisingly common, can have a devastating business impact, and is easy to prevent. Now you too can answer the question “What… Read more »

6 Signs Of Poor Cyber Security Health

cyber security

Business owners: is your cyber security health at risk? I can tell you that the bar for cyber security health in many small businesses is very low indeed. There are two important facts I’d like to point out concerning the cyber security health of the nation. Firstly, that the economy consists mostly of smaller businesses, many… Read more »

Balancing Cyber Security Risk & Reward

Cyber Security

Ensuring that the Board understands how cyber security risks affect the business – a challenge for all Non-Executive Directors

About Us

From the moment you make first contact, you can expect great value, first class assistance to get you secure and protected. The people who run Ambersail Jon Morris The most rewarding part of my job is helping people. Whether it be general or technical advice, I get a real buzz to see customers genuinely benefit from working... Read more »

Security News Roundup: The Demise Of The Human

With the US version of the RSA conference in full swing this week, we’re pleased to be able to present some signal despite the noise. It turns out that China is being hacked by the US. There, we said it. As they say, it takes two to tango, so we presume this comes as no great… Read more »