• Great Salary and Pension Package.
  • Work with Latest Technology.
  • Great working Environment.
  • Study and Personal Development Time.
  • Industry Certifications.
  • Unlimited Top-Notch Coffee.

I’ve been a Pentester at Ambersail for over three years. There is never a dull moment. So many clients to test make it really interesting – and challenging. Everyone is trying to find some juicy weakness – it gets competitive at times. The guys will support you all the way and they’re a great bunch to work with. Watch out for T at 3.

We Are Hiring Penetration Testers

We are looking for people who will make great penetration testers. 

These are people with a genuine interest in how networks and applications are built. More importantly, how they can be pulled apart.

They also get excited by new, unfamiliar technologies. Web applications, mobile apps, authentication, network segmentation. It does not matter what it is… they simply roll up their sleeves and get to work.

Finding weaknesses. Helping our clients fix real problems.

Still reading? You believe you have what it takes?

Great. We would love to speak with you.

We are currently looking for people who already have the OSCP certification.

Call us directly on 01925 607250. Use the Contact Us Page – or email us directly at recruitment@ambersail.com referencing ‘Penetration Testing Jobs’. Also – take a read of our ‘How to be a penetration tester’ article here.

How Can We Sum Up Working At Ambersail?

Sumatra Lintong!

It is a coffee we know and love at Ambersail. There is a pot always on the go at the office. Sourced from a coffee and tea Merchant in deepest mid Wales.

We buy the coffee because it tastes great. We chose the merchant because their guys are specialists and offer a fantastic service.This is something we value above all in business.

Specialists that really care about their products.

You can expect the same at Ambersail. We don’t want to be the next giant corporate. We really don’t care much for ‘global domination’.

We want to be the very best at what we do. This means finding security weaknesses and helping good people remove these from their business systems.

And to do this – we also need good people. People who know their stuff. Who understand networks and applications.
Who know Penetration Testing is more than just running scripts.

We work closely here at Ambersail and everyone has something to offer. Our company is built on the experience and contribution of the people that work for us. It forms the cornerstone of everything that we do.

Ambersailians can expect a penetration testing career with great training, great salary and a great opportunity for working with new technologies. And of course … great coffee.

penetration testing jobs

Penetration Testing Jobs At Ambersail.

We take skills training seriously at Ambersail. As a result you will  get formal training on technical subjects. More importantly you will get immersed in penetration testing projects. This means working for large and small companies on a range of networks.

Of course being able to understand and dissect technical environments is important. In addition, a penetration testing career with Ambersail will also focus on professional skills. This is often overlooked with other companies. For us, CREST and OSCP Certification is very important.

You will learn how to communicate with clients, gather evidence to support and defend findings, understand and scope work engagements. Skills that lead to reports containing issues and workable solutions that clients can act on.

At all stages you will have the backing of our team. You can expect technical guidance. Documentation reviews. Peer support. We work as one big team where everyone is important and has something valuable to contribute.

Does this sound like the penetration testing job for you?


Have a chat with us.

Call us directly referencing Penetration Testing Jobs on 01925 607250. You can email us directly at recruitment@ambersail.com if you wish.

We look forward to hearing from you and maybe sharing a coffee.

We Are Looking For UK Penetration Testers. Salary to 65K
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We Are Looking For UK Penetration Testers. Salary to 65K
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