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Chief Technical Officer – Secret Escapes

Supporting You Right Through To Successful PCI Self Assessment

Where to start? What must I complete to show my company is PCI compliant? Will we be fined for not being compliant? What needs to be scanned?

These are just a few of the questions that companies have as they embark on PCI DSS Self Assessment.

Questions that we answer as the basis of our PCI DSS Self Assessment Pack. We have over ten years’ experience getting clients PCI compliant.

Expert Advice and Assistance

When you contact us, a brief chat will help you understand what the next steps are.

Our goal is to get your company PCI DSS compliant as quickly and painlessly as possible.

We will help you understand what needs to be included and assessed. What can be removed. Reducing time, effort and money to get and stay PCI Compliant.

Our PCI DSS Self Assessment Pack is supported by our comprehensive ASV vulnerability scanning solution.

You will also get practical advice, written policies and procedures to meet all PCI reporting requirements.

What You Can Expect…

  • As soon as you contact us, we start to help you. Understanding how you take payments. Whether data is stored. What materials need to be completed to demonstrate compliance. Our team of experts are ready to help you.
  • ASV testing will be performed by our experienced engineers. A team of experts that has been testing payment card networks for over ten years.
  • Testing is only one part of what you can expect. All the supporting PCI Policies and Procedures you will need are provided. Invaluable materials to really boost your PCI compliance project.
  • We are with you every step of the way. Right through to reviewing and submitting your compliance questionnaire. Giving you confidence and peace of mind that you have met your obligations to PCI DSS.

Contact us to get started.

How We Get You Through PCI DSS Self Assessment

There are three distinct stages to PCI Self Assessment:

Find out more about PCI DSS Self Assessment

    Ambersail PCI Self Assess Methodology


    Understanding what needs to be included in the Cardholder Data Environment. What can be excluded – making the network as small and efficient as possible.
    Essential groundwork for easier compliance.


    Technical testing and assessment. The all-important quarterly ASV scan. Clear advice and guidance on related activities.
    Finalising procedures and configuration for full compliance measurement.


    Completion of the Self Assessment Questionnaire. Our policies and procedures supporting what you do.
    Final review of your SAQ and how you have met the PCI standard. Ensuring successful submission to Acquirers and interested parties.