“We see staff awareness of cyber security and fraud as very important in keeping our organisation secure. Ambersail’s elearning courses and phishing exercises are really effective at driving the security message home.”
Operations Director – LICC

GDPR Training Your Staff Will Enjoy.

GDPR Security Awareness Training

GDPR help and guidance can be found almost everywhere. In the UK, a great place to start is with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). There you will find a wealth of information. This includes why data needs to be protected, who should have access, data retention, sharing and removal.

The ICO makes it very clear that companies must collect and handle personal data in the correct way.

Interestingly, many only see the GDPR as controlling how to collect and share data. This is not the complete picture. GDPR has a ‘security principle’, which is that you process data securely by means of ‘appropriate technical and organisational measures’.

Get Your Staff Security Aware.

GDPR Training Examples Of Data

Companies will come under scrutiny from the ICO if a security breach takes place. Indeed, the ICO has a whole section devoted to dealing with data breaches.

Data breaches normally occur when a company or its staff do not operate in a secure way. A breach often exposes huge amounts of data which can be used for fraudulent and criminal activity.

As this is a security issue, get your staff aware of the risks and how to cope with threats. This significantly reduces the risk of a breach occurring.
This is one of the most effective methods of protecting data.

Delivering Practical Advice And Guidance.

GDPR Training Keep A Clear Desk

Ok, so when we talk about GDPR training for your staff, we mean getting them to really understand basic security. Forget mindless Powerpoint style presentations. People switch off and it is often a complete waste of time.

Concentrate on the basics. Cyber security is a vast subject that can be very technical. Most people do not need (or want) to know about security. It holds little interest for them. They simply want to know how to stay safe so that they can get on with what they are supposed to be doing.

GDPR Training Needs To Be Interesting.

GDPR Training Password Shared

With this in mind, our GDPR training sessions are short, high in practical content and deliver messages using stories and anecdotes. We rely heavily on real world experiences and animation style sessions. This also applies to quick and effective Q&A to reinforce learning.

Everything that we put in the sessions applies to how ‘normal’ people work. Reading emails, dealing with visitors, leaving confidential papers lying around, using passwords safely. These subjects are recommended by the ICO as safe working practices when trying to meet the GDPR.

We will explain how personal information about all of us is collected and shared. How it identifies you, your job, hobbies, health and what you buy.

We then introduce GDPR and how it can protect your personal data by forcing organisations to protect any personal data that they store or process.

The GDPR considers individual people as Data Subjects, and as such you have considerable rights to find out what a company holds on you.

You will be able to ask a company what it stores – and why. This extends to requesting that your information is updated or even deleted.

Organisations are considered as Processors or Controllers. Employees of such organisations are required to protect personal data. This might be customer details, staff contact details, payroll and salary.

We Explain How To Keep Personal Data Safe.

GDPR Training Include All Staff

Foremost that you have a very important part to play by following these basic security principles…

– Keep your passwords secure.
– Log off or lock your screen when not at your desk.
– Clear your desk.
– Dispose of confidential waste properly.
– Take care with suspect email attachments and links to external sites.
– Make sure visitors are always signed in and have a legitimate reason for being on site.

Also handling personal data properly…

– Collect only the data that you need to do your job.
– Keep data up to date. Make sure it is as accurate as possible.
– Delete or destroy any data that you no longer need.
– Be careful about who you give personal information to.


GDPR Training At A Great Price.

  • Designed For All Staff. Easy to understand GDPR training courses.
  • Low Cost. Fantastic value. Further bulk discounts available.
  • Story Based. We avoid boring, linear style training. Delivered using stories that appeal.
  • Based on EU and ICO recommendations. Covers all security related topics staff need to know. As set by the Information Commissioner’s Office. Great for compliance!
  • Comes As Two Sessions. Why you are important and Play your part…. Both providing practical guidance.
  • Quick. Short 4-12 minute sessions. Straight to the point.
  • We Host. We look after everything.
  • Branding options to fit with your organisation.
  • Certificates issued on completion.

Access A Full Demo Of The Training

    Part 1: GDPR – Why You Are Important

    • What is GDPR? Why is it important? Gets straight to the point.
    • No lengthy, boring explanations. Geared for busy people who need to understand what GDPR means for them and their jobs.
    • Animation style GDPR training that is easy to understand.
    • Usage. Suitable for all users, 4-5 minutes. Available online.

    Part 2: GDPR – Play Your Part

    • Practical advice on how to keep personal data safe and secure. Includes secure passwords, clean desk, waste disposal and handling data.
    • Interactions at every stage. Quiz questions to test and reinforce knowledge.
    • Animation style elearning.  GDPR training that is easy to follow. Easy to understand.
    • Demonstrations available. A snip to set up.
    • Usage. Suitable for all users, 10-12 minutes. Available online.

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