Ambersail Aware. Keeping Your Staff Security Conscious Is As Important As Securing Your Networks.

Ambersail Cyber Security Awareness Services

A great deal more effort and time is now spent educating staff on how to be more security aware. This pays dividends as people start to think and behave differently.

It is not just about spotting suspicious emails. It extends to physical security. Being confident in asking why people are working in restricted areas. Identifying people tailgating into buildings. Querying suspicious telephone callers asking for information.

If you are looking to get your staff more security aware, we have training and compliance related services:

  • GDPR Awareness.
  • Cyber Fraud And Phishing Awareness.
  • PCI DSS Self Assessment Pack.
  • Cyber Essentials Compliance.
  • PCI DSS Policy Pack.

How We Can Get Your People More Cyber Security Aware

GDPR Training For Your Staff

Practical guidance and training for your staff.  Elearning that is engaging and focused on people doing the right thing to keep personal data safe and secure.
Forget long, drawn out slides on GDPR definitions. These sessions are designed to appeal to all staff. Educating them on why they are important when handling personal data.
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GDPR Security Awareness Training

Cyber Security Training For Your Staff

Educating people is essential to protecting your business against fraudulent emails and messages. Why certain messages should be ignored. How to identify and deal with problem emails.
We build staff awareness on email and message threats. Practical tests and on-demand training get people aware and able to act in the right way.
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Compliance, Procedural and Policy Services

Need assistance with compliance, security procedures and policy documentation? We offer a range of support services.

Download a sample Staff Security Awareness Policy. Lots of practical information on what tasks need to be performed to keep your staff informed and working securely.

PCI DSS Self Assessment Pack

Everything you need to self certify against the PCI Data Security Standard. ASV scanning. Assistance provided by experienced people. Policies and procedures to support all your payment card operations. All delivered in a neat service package that will meet your budget.
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Cyber Essentials Certification

Cyber Essentials provides a high level framework for companies and organisations that are looking to take security seriously.
Looking to be Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certified to supply services and products? Or are you concerned that you need to develop secure networks and working practices?
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PCI DSS Policy Pack

A complete suite of Policies and Procedures to meet the latest version of the PCI Data Security Standard. All documentation carefully and concisely maps directly to the PCI standard. Making light work of compliance requirements for documentation.
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Contact us if you have any questions on what type of training or assistance that you need.


Questions Frequently Asked By People…

This is a widely held view.

On the face of it, it makes complete sense. Use automated filtering and alerting software to screen out messages that appear to be malicious. These messages never arrive in staff inboxes so the risk of people clicking on links and attachments is removed.

This method will work for the majority of unsophisticated communications sent through.

However, attackers now understand there are great rewards to be had by targeting staff directly. They are willing to spend more time profiling and developing sophisticated communications. Messages that are designed to evoke a response and more likely to result in a ‘click’ on a link or attachment.

Automation is great – but it also encourages lazy thinking.

People expect that automated measures protect them and they stop being diligent. When that happens, the risk from introducing malicious software to an organisation increases exponentially. Cyber Security Awareness training really helps reinforce security behaviours to combat fraud, ransomware and phishing attacks.

It does not matter how large or small your organisation is. How closely you work together. You will be a potential target for fraud attacks such as ransomware.

Remember that messages are designed to evoke an immediate response. To deceive and get the recipient to act by clicking or opening an attachment.

Often, an attachment is opened and the damage done long before people realise and can warn colleagues. The knowledge that cyber security awareness training provides acts as a first line of defence.