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    Accent MR Uses Ambersails Penetration Testing Service

    "We were impressed with how Ambersail performed the Penetration Testing project. Testing was thorough and we received clear results we could act on. Ambersail was always on hand for guidance and to assist with questions." IT Manager - Accent MR

    any-3 uses Ambersail's Penetration Testing Service

    "Ambersail have provided a professional approach and have worked closely with us to make sure all our requirements are satisfied at each step of the process. Happy to recommend them as our goto pen testing service."   Director, any-3

    Arrow Uses Ambersail To Secure Its Network

    "The team at Ambersail are great. They take time to understand our requirements to ensure we get full value from penetration testing. High quality security service all round."   IT Manager – Arrow Business Communications.

    Austria Card Successfully Uses Ambersail's Technical PCI Assessment Services

    "Since 2007, Ambersail Ltd. is Austria Card's business partner in the range of PCI compliant vulnerability scanning. Ambersail's performance and support proved to be excellent. Their work has been a key component in our security framework and in order to hold vendor certification from VISA and MasterCard. We can recommend Ambersail Ltd. as a very reliable and efficient business partner."   - Austria Card

    Best Western Uses Ambersail's Vulnerability Testing Services

    "Ambersail has provided a fast and effective service. They gave us all the support we needed during the process so that we would understand it and we are happy to say that we have achieved the goal with their help!"                  Revenue & E-Commerce Manager, Best Western

    Betfoot uses Ambersail's PCI Policy Pack

    "We came to Ambersail for high quality PCI DSS policies and procedures that would allow Betfoot to successfully meet with its compliance target. Ambersail’s PCI Policy Pack was ideal. It immediately provided us with all the high quality documentation we required. The PCI Policy Pack and supporting customer service made everything easy from the start."    - Betfoot

    Birmingham Midshires Uses Ambersail For Penetration Testing

    "Our aim is to provide our customers with the reassurance that they can trade in a secure online environment at all times. To this end the relationship with Ambersail Assured will provide us with the required high level of guidance and protection in the pursuit of this."    -  Security Manager, Birmingham Midshires.

    Boden Uses Ambersails Penetration Testing Services

    "The team at Ambersail was flexible and very thorough.  A professional service right from our initial enquiry to completing the project. We look forward to working with them again on our next penetration testing project". Security Analyst, Boden.

    Bristow & Sutor Successfully Uses Ambersail's Technical PCI Assessment Services

    "Ambersail has a long standing partnership with Bristow and Sutor to achieve and maintain PCI compliance.This includes the completion of our audit documents and bespoke IT policy. We have no hesitation in recommending them to other merchants undergoing PCI compliance."   - Bristow & Sutor

    CardStream Uses Ambersail For Technical PCI DSS Assessment Services

    “After a lengthy selection process, we chose Ambersail based on their friendly and knowledgeable client facing service, as well as their well constructed and costed approach to our PCI:DSS requirements. Throughout the audit period, our QSA offered an expert understanding of the PCI:DSS Level 1 compliance requirements which provided us with a smooth experience in gaining compliance with both Visa and MasterCard. ”     - Cardstream

    Clogau Gold Sees Real Benefit From Using Ambersail's PCI Policy Pack

    "At Clogau we take our PCI DSS compliance very seriously. It is important for us to have high quality documentation that supports our policies and procedures. Ambersail’s PCI Policy Pack is highly detailed, very well structured and easy to customise. Overall really good value for money."  Clogau Gold IT Manager

    ConnectMyApps Uses Ambersail For Penetration Testing

    "We handle sensitive data on behalf of our customers, so security is paramount. With Ambersail's help we were able to conduct thorough penetration tests of our platform, resulting in detailed reports that we could share with our customers for peace of mind. The Ambersail team were professional and helpful and assisted us through the whole process."   CEO, ConnectMyApps.

    Counter Solutions Uses Ambersail's Penetration Testing Services

    “We continue to find Ambersail and its penetration test team professional and capable. Costs are obviously a factor when choosing suppliers, so to use a company that provides such a high quality service with competitive pricing, is a real advantage. ”  -  Network Manager, Counter Solutions.

    Creatio Benefit From Using Ambersail's Penetration Testing Services On A Regular Basis

    "We support a number of high-profile clients in the UK education sector and data security and integrity is at the forefront of their minds.  Therefore, we implemented a regular programme and independent penetration tests and have used Ambersail now for two years.  They have been excellent throughout and very thorough and professional and the work they have undertaken has provided piece of mind to both our clients and ourselves.  We would have no hesitation in recommending Ambersail and have recently extended our commitment to working with them again."

    Creatio Director

    Cubic Evolution Works With Ambersail To Perform PCI Penetration Testing

    "We needed a thorough penetration test on our application to complete our PCI compliance. We were up against some stringent timescales and they helped us immensely. The tests were extremely thorough and they were completed on time ensuring compliance was successful and on time meaning our application launched on the due date. Communication throughout the process was excellent and we will continue to use their services." Director, Cubic Evolution ltd.

    Dataflexnet Benefits From Ambersail's Penetration Testing

    "Dataflexnet engaged Ambersail to help reach PCI DSS targets as quickly and painlessly as possible. Ambersail's Penetration testing and ASV scans were performed in line with our tight deadlines, in budget and to a level of detail that really impressed us all." CEO, Dataflexnet Limited

    Ebusiness Guru Uses Ambersail's Technical PCI Assessment Services

    “Ambersail’s Self-Assessment Pack offered a complete solution that we would highly recommend to any organisation achieving self assessment compliance. Prior to making contact with Ambersail, we were faced with a fast approaching PCI DSS compliance deadline. Ambersail’s quick response and communication throughout allowed us to achieve our PCI compliance objectives as fast as possible.” Director, Ebusiness Guru

    ECS Successfully Uses Ambersail's Technical PCI Assessment Services

    “As a service provider the security of our clients’ data is paramount. The need for us to maintain full PCI DSS compliance is essential for our business. As a start to achieving our PCI DSS compliance, we contacted security companies both from Africa and Europe. Speaking to Ambersail left us feeling confident in their abilities to help us. From the start they were clear and honest with their approach. The superior consultancy we received from Ambersail not only made it easy for us to understand exactly what we needed to do, but also how we could do it. As well as consultancy, Ambersail also supplied the PCI policy documentation, which can either be used as a template or as a reference material while compiling policy and procedure documents. We would recommend Ambersail QSA assessment and remediation services to any organisation. ” General Manager, eCard Solutions

    Eiger Trading Uses Ambersail's Penetration Testing Service

    "Ambersail tailored the penetration testing to match our objectives, which is exactly what we needed. Alongside the testing, the support really helped. A fine service all round." CEO, Eiger Trading Advisors Ltd  

    Exact Mortgage Experts Uses Ambersail For Penetration Testing

    “Ambersail has provided high quality penetration testing services to Exact Mortgages for some time. Testing is comprehensive and reporting is excellent. The Ambersail team are all extremely helpful and available whenever we need them - even for the simplest of advice. We continue to find Ambersail's services very useful. ” Head Of IT, Exact Mortgages

    Fearnley Cricket Uses Ambersail's Technical PCI DSS Services

    "We went out to the market to look for a QSA company to help us with our PCI DSS assessment activities. After speaking to several we chose Ambersail, based on good value and its friendly and helpful approach. Ambersail's QSA team guided us through all the PCI DSS requirements and with the QSA team's help we were able to successfully complete all our PCI obligations. An expert and personable service throughout." Director, Fearnley Cricket

    Fife Council Uses Ambersail's Technical PCI Assessment Services

    “Fife council have always found Ambersail to be helpful and knowledgeable with all aspects of PCI DSS compliance. The QSA team is always available to answer queries and services are competitively priced. ” I.T. Officer, Fife Council

    Genologics Uses Ambersail's Penetration Testing Services

    "Genologics uses Ambersail to perform regular penetration tests. The willingness of the Ambersail team to work with us to scope and deliver testing is second to none. We trust them to provide realistic and thorough pen testing, giving us results that genuinely help us improve security." Team Lead, GenoLogics 

    GKPay Successfully Uses Ambersail's PCI Policy Pack

    “We place great importance on being PCI compliant. We chose the policy pack to support our PCI compliance project. The policy pack provided us with clear and helpful written guidance right from the start and continues to do so”. GKPay

    Go Ape selects Ambersail to support its PCI DSS Programme

    "I'm particularly impressed with the flexibility and helpfulness of Ambersail's PCI team. Always available to shed light on difficult PCI issues. A partner we can rely on."  IT Director, Go Ape

    Highgrove Enterprises Uses Ambersail PCI DSS Policy Pack

    "Ambersail’s policy pack saved us a great deal of time towards becoming PCI compliant. It had all the PCI documentation we needed. We would recommend any organisation getting PCI compliant to take advantage of the policy pack. It is excellent value for money." Head of Finance, Highgrove Enterprises

    Hillarys Blinds Sees Real Benefit From Ambersail's Penetration Testing Service

    "Years of experience have taught me that it’s not easy to find a Pen Testing service which provides insightful advice in an engaging way, whilst providing value for money. Discovering Ambersail has certainly proven to be the exception that proves the rule! I won’t be looking elsewhere in a hurry." Head of ICT, Hillarys

    Ideal World Successfully Uses Ambersail's Penetration Testing Services

    “We are particularly impressed with the flexibility of Ambersail’s team when completing penetration testing and scans. They work closely with us to ensure testing runs smoothly. Testing reports are of a very high quality enabling us to quickly identify and fix problems. The Ambersail team is always on hand to talk through findings.” Senior IT Specialist, Ideal Shopping Direct

    Ignition NBS Continues To Use Ambersail's Penetration Testing Services

    "Ambersail has been Ignition's security partner on several projects now. With each one they have proved themselves thorough, reliable, easy to work with and experienced. We trust their feedback and their suggestions invariably make our solutions better.."   Digital Solutions Manager, Ignition NBS.

    Intelligent Environments Uses Ambersail For Technical PCI DSS Assessment Services

    "We needed a company that could guide us through the entire PCI compliance process; from start to finish. We looked at several options and decided to go with Ambersail as we felt its services could provide a high level of quality at a very competitive price. We were not disappointed. The advice and guidance Ambersail gave was detailed, concise and easy to follow. Ambersail’s QSA team were very knowledgeable, and helped Intelligent Environments (ie) learn a great deal in the process. The Ambersail policy pack was really comprehensive and contained all the documentation we needed. It saved us a huge amount of time when creating the policy and procedural materials required for PCI DSS. Working with Ambersail felt like a partnership. ie had a strict deadline to become compliant and it was largely due to Ambersail’s assistance that we were successful. The team at Ambersail were always available and very responsive. For ie, the whole PCI DSS compliance experience was positive and we would certainly recommend Ambersail to anyone needing help with PCI DSS."   - Operations Director, ie

    Intermedia Partners With Ambersail To Perform Penetration Testing

    "I am very impressed with the speed and efficiency of Ambersail’s services coupled with their thorough processes. This gives me reassurance in the security of our systems and network and that we’re doing everything we can to protect our own customers."   Marketing Operations Director, Intermedia.

    JobLogic Partners With Ambersail For Security Auditing

    "Ambersail gives us expert penetration testing that we use to continually aid our cyber security. A valuable service from a valuable partner." CTO, Joblogic

    Just Vitamins Successfully Uses Ambersail's Technical PCI Assessment Services

    “We selected Ambersail to help us through our PCI-DSS compliance process. Their guidance and support was excellent; answering any questions we had and making our objectives clear and understandable. As well as the consultancy, Ambersail also provided us with a policy pack. The pack was excellent. It saved us a lot of time, and the quality of the documentation was very impressive. From start to finish the team at Ambersail were extremely helpful and made our route to PCI-DSS compliance straightforward. It is only with their assistance that we were able to achieve our PCI targets. ” Managing Director, Just Vitamins

    Kazkommertsbank Successfully Uses Ambersail's Technical PCI Assessment Services

    "Ambersail was carefully selected from many audit companies.  We have always found Ambersail to be highly professional and we continue to work with them for PCI compliance and other security services. "  - KKB

    LICC Benefits From Ambersail's Cyber Fraud Awareness Training

    "We see staff awareness of cyber security and fraud as very important in keeping our organisation secure. Ambersail’s elearning courses and phishing exercises are really effective at driving the security message home." Operations Director, LICC

    Lithe Uses Ambersail For Security Testing Services

    "Ambersail gives us high quality and value testing. In a competitive market, where keeping client data secure is paramount, it's exactly what we need."   CEO, Lithe.

    Masriacard Uses Ambersail's PCI DSS Audit Services

    “We’ve known Ambersail for over 4 years, during which we’ve always received prompt, accurate and genuine consultancy and support. The Team’s response time and attention is unmatched. Highly recommended for any organization seeking QSA services and consultancy.” Masriacard

    Matrix SCM Uses Ambersail's Penetration Testing Services

    “Having previously tested our core business web application, Matrix-SCM again chose Ambersail to carry out the testing of our first mobile IOS/Andriod app. Ambersail provide an excellent service through-out the whole process and are very helpful in providing guidance and advice to the developers. Due to the nature of the app we needed to be absolutely sure there were no security flaws or vulnerabilities and thanks to Ambersail we are now ready to release the app to our customers” - Head of IT, Matrix SCM.

    McColl's Uses Ambersail's Penetration Testing Service

    "Ambersail has been providing a first class penetration testing service to McColl’s for a number of years. Testing is thorough and results are clear and easy to understand.” Intel Systems Manager, McColl's

    Mediapost Hit Mail Uses Ambersail For Technical PCI DSS Assessment Services

    “Mediapost Hit Mail had been completing PCI compliance for a number of years before selecting Ambersail as its QSA. With Ambersail’s assistance, we were able to determine – and subsequently reduce – our PCI responsibilities. Ambersail liaised directly with our acquirer, and it was only with this cooperation and Ambersail’s help that we were able to establish our PCI DSS obligations. This will undoubtedly save us much time, effort and money in the future.” IT Manager, Mediapost Hit Mail

    Namesco Successfully Uses Ambersail's Penetration Test Services

    'Security at Namesco is a priority, so choosing the right provider for penetration testing was very important. We chose Ambersail, and have been very impressed. The team worked with us throughout to ensure we got testing that met our objectives, and reporting that we could understand and act on. Professional, consultative and highly skilled - exactly what we need to support our security & compliance programmes."    Operational Director, Namesco

    NCR Successfully Uses Ambersail's Technical PCI Assessment Services

    "Ambersail's successful PA DSS assessment of one of our flagship products was conducted promptly and cost effectively, resulting in timely approval of the product by the PCI SSC. At all times, we were kept closely informed as to the progress of the assessment. This meant that we were able to continue with our existing projects whilst Ambersail completed the assessment process. We received clear interpretation of the PA DSS standard as it related to our application, backed up with in-depth subject matter expertise." Global Project Manager for Comms, Security and CRM, NCR Corporation

    Oinky Uses Ambersail's Penetration Testing Service

    "Ambersail was recommended to OINKY as a reputable UK penetration testing company. The team was friendly, professional, and affordable. Pleased with the outcome and will work with again in the future."   Founder & CEO at OINKY

    Page Tiger Uses Ambersail For Penetration Testing

    "Ambersail provided high quality testing in comparison to other test providers we have used. A friendly, helpful, consultative approach across the business." Technical Director. Page Tiger.

    Pay Wizard Successfully Uses Ambersail's Technical PCI Assessment Services

    “Ambersail worked with us from the very start of our PCI programme, their consultancy was comprehensive and included assessment, advice on policy creation, penetration testing and ASV scans. The service we received from Ambersail was first class, with clear advice and guidance which helped us to rapidly progress through compliance audits to achieve full Level 1 PCI DSS status. We found Ambersail flexible, approachable and easy to work with. Engaging with Ambersail was undoubtedly beneficial to meeting our PCI compliance goals.” Director of Technical Services, PayWizard plc

    Portmeirion Uses Ambersail For Technical PCI DSS Assessment Services

    “Ambersail provided us with consultancy and their PCI policy pack to help us solve our PCI issues. The advice from their team made it clear exactly what we needed to do, and how to do it. The detail and quality of the policy pack was excellent and, consequently, we saved an invaluable amount of time and endeavour. We found Ambersail’s approach wholly professional which aided us with our PCI compliance aims.”    - Portmeiron

    Regatta Successfully Uses Ambersail's Penetration Test Services

    "We are happy to recommend Ambersail to any company looking for high level and detailed penetration testing. The team were knowledgeable and helpful from the beginning. This was backed with excellent penetration test services that met our objectives and requirements."                                                Group IT Director, Regatta Group

    Rontec Uses Ambersail's Vulnerability Testing Service

    "Ambersail has proved to be exactly the type of partner we were looking for to perform vulnerability testing. We have been really impressed with the service particularly the on-going support. We would highly recommend Ambersail to any business looking for reliability and value for money." PCI Internal Security Assessor - Rontec

    Secret Escapes selects Ambersail to deliver PCI DSS assistance and advice

    “In depth understanding of PCI, very responsive and services at a great price.” Chief Technical Officer - Secret Escapes

    Sharp Uses Ambersail's Technical PCI Assessment Services

    “Ambersail’s policy pack was instrumental in guiding our teams in their compliance efforts. The breadth and depth of the pack was extensive allowing for efficient and effective documentation development and process improvement. Ambersail provides a high quality service and it was a pleasure to deal with them. We would advise anyone needing support with PCI documentation to consider Ambersail’s policy pack.”    - Sr Information Security Architect, Sharp Healthcare Successfully Uses Ambersail's Penetration Testing Services

    "We chose Ambersail as our penetration test partner as from the start they were helpful and thorough. Each penetration test project has been performed in-depth and finished with clear and understandable results."                  Business Development Manager,

    Spoke Uses Ambersail's Testing Services

    "We recently engaged Ambersail as part of our recent PCI DSS accreditation process.  Ambersail were able to provide the right level of support, answering any queries or concerns quickly.  The team were patient and adaptable to our project timescales.  There was minimum disruption during the scanning procedures and the subsequent reporting was provided very quickly allowing us to proceed with completion of the project within expected timescales. "  -  Media Services Director, Spoke

    STS Payment Network Uses Ambersail For Technical PCI DSS Assessment Services

    “We have been fortunate to get to know about Ambersail’s PCI Policy Pack. The Pack was comprehensive and very well structured. It helped us to save a lot of time and effort and to achieve our compliance faster. We would recommend Ambersail’s PCI Policy Pack to any organization undergoing PCI compliance. We look forward to using Ambersail’s PCI Policy Packs in any other PCI compliance project in future.”   - PCI DSS Project Manager, STS Payment Network

    Suttons Seeds Uses Ambersail For Technical PCI DSS Assessment Services

    "Suttons Seeds has used Ambersail’s PCI services year after year allowing us to quickly and efficiently address our PCI requirements. The self assessment package gives us the QSA assistance required to complete the questionnaire, ASV scans and address our policy documentation. This level of guidance has proved extremely valuable. Any queries are always dealt with quickly by the friendly and efficient team." Business System Development Manager, Suttons Seeds

    The Palaces Successfully Uses Ambersail's Penetration Testing Services

    “The thorough and professional services we receive from Ambersail are a key component of our UK Gambling Commission compliance process. The vulnerability testing and reporting are essential to our operation."   -  The Palaces

    University of Oxford Successfully Uses Ambersail's Technical PCI Assessment Services

    “As a leading University, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards. This includes our PCI-DSS compliance. With Ambersail’s support and guidance we were able to work towards our compliance objectives efficiently and effectively. Ambersail’s ASV scanning services, assistance and documentation continue to be integral to hitting our PCI targets.” Chief Cashier, University of Oxford

    Usborne Books Successfully Uses Ambersail's Penetration Testing Services

    "We have worked with Ambersail since 2012. Being able to speak directly to their team is a massive benefit. It gives us a much greater understanding and confidence."   General Manager, Usborne Books at Home  

    Valldata Successfully Uses Ambersail's Penetration Testing Services

    “The security of customer data is key to our day to day business operations. Ambersail continues to provide Valldata with high quality audit and assistance services to support the security of our networks and applications.” IT Director, Valldata

    Vodat Uses Ambersail's Penetration Testing Services

    "Ambersail continues to provide Vodat thorough and professional penetration testing that meets with our PCI DSS compliance audits. A friendly, honest and helpful service."   Technical Director, Vodat.

    White Scar Cave Uses Ambersail For Technical PCI DSS Assessment Services

    “After engaging with Ambersail, White Scar Cave was able to achieve compliance quickly and efficiently. Ambersail’s personal touch brought clarification to PCI DSS and gave us the assistance that we required.” Managing Director. White Scar Cave

    Wilmott Dixon Uses Ambersail For Penetration Testing

    "Increasingly our client base is asking us to confirm that our network is protected, and tested against potential internet based threats. I have always found Ambersail to be a great company to work with, complemented with extremely proactive and talented staff. All information provided is given in a clear, easy to understand format with guidance on how to remediate any potential threats found." Chief Information Officer. Wilmott Dixon.


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