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From Health to Security: The Best Apps For Senior Citizens

by Brian Zeng It is not unusual for senior citizens to be extremely skeptical about technology, and that is sometimes frustrating to their family members. This skepticism, however, should be seen in its right context. It is not a reflection on the ability or inability of the technology to deliver but more an inherent distrust of… Read more »

Guest Post: Protecting Your Account When Using Mobile Banking

“In the world of online transactions, it can be easy for money to be stolen”     The security of your finances is everything to you. To ensure that your money stays your money and that your account information is kept safe, consider the following tips: Passwords, along with security setting options, are your controllable… Read more »

Guest Post: A Trojan Horse In Every Pocket

“A hacker wishing to break into a specific company may decide that compromising an unprotected mobile device is far easier than dealing with corporate firewalls” After years of experience, and learning from the high profile mistakes of others, businesses are fully aware of the importance of security on desktop and laptop computers.  Anti-virus software and… Read more »

Mastercard Best Practices for Mobile POS Acceptance

Mastercard has released “Mastercard Best Practices for Mobile Point of Sale Acceptance”. If you’re a POS solution developer, you’ll be interested in this document as it provides guidance on how to develop your solution, and if you’re a merchant, it provides you with guidance on the kinds of features your intended mobile POS implementation should… Read more »

New: Mobile Payment Acceptance Guidelines

Fresh from the PCI SSC – Mobile Payment Acceptance Guidelines. These are guidelines on payment acceptance using smartphone apps, and will be interesting reading to many of our readers. Download from here.

Which Applications Are Eligible for PA DSS?

If you can answer “yes” to any of the following questions, then your application is not eligible for validation under PA DSS  Is this a beta version of the application? Does the application handle cardholder data, but the application itself does not facilitate authorization or settlement? Does the application facilitate authorization or settlement, but has… Read more »