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PA DSS Process Change

We’ve just been reading the monthly assessor newsletter as sent from the PCI SSC, and there’s an update in there that will affect a number of our PA DSS clients. It’s a process change relating to payment of the SSC’s invoice. To quote: “As soon as a ROV is submitted, we will invoice the application… Read more »

PA DSS Program Guide v2.0

The PA-DSS Program Guide v2.0 and Attestation of Validation (AOV) v2.01 are now available for immediate use. These document updates are primarily about alignment and clarification. They don’t represent a change to the PA DSS standard. Software vendors will be particularly interested in the pricing guide which details the fees charged by the PCI SSC… Read more »

Which Applications Are Eligible for PA DSS?

If you can answer “yes” to any of the following questions, then your application is not eligible for validation under PA DSSĀ  Is this a beta version of the application? Does the application handle cardholder data, but the application itself does not facilitate authorization or settlement? Does the application facilitate authorization or settlement, but has… Read more »