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Guest Post: Protecting Your Account When Using Mobile Banking

“In the world of online transactions, it can be easy for money to be stolen”     The security of your finances is everything to you. To ensure that your money stays your money and that your account information is kept safe, consider the following tips: Passwords, along with security setting options, are your controllable… Read more »

Security & The Short Road To Legacy Systems

“Information security means working with how things are, rather than how you want them to be.”     We’ve all heard the apocryphal tale about the lost traveler asking for directions in a remote country village. You know the one: our traveler is hopelessly lost, the streets are empty. Just as his frustration seems complete, an elderly… Read more »

Payment Cards are Dead. Long Live Payment Cards.

PCI DSS compliance logo credit cards

Any payment technology analyst will tell you that the payments market has exploded over the last few years. An explosion sounds great, but it also suggest fragmentation. Which is another way of saying that the customer has a confusing array of choices. Not that confusion is anything new. Everyone has, at some point, fumbled through a stack… Read more »