“We see staff awareness of cyber security and fraud as very important in keeping our organisation secure. Ambersail’s elearning courses and phishing exercises are really effective at driving the security message home.”
Operations Director – LICC

Online Security Awareness Training For All Staff. Quick And Easy To Use.

  • Designed For All Staff. Easy to understand, story based courses. Can be used for staff induction or periodic training.
  • Story Based. Forget boring linear style training. Delivered using stories that appeal.
  • Protect Data. Helps to reduce risks of losing confidential data. Get people Aware of the risks!
  • Compliance. Vital education for data protection standards such as GDPR or PCI DSS.
  • Quick. Short 5-12 minute sessions. Straight to the point.
  • Low Cost. Great value.

Course: Cyber Security Awareness

  • Protect Against Email and Telephone Scams. Ransomware, boiler rooms, phone scams, email attachments and links. See what happens when it goes wrong. And how to get it right.
  • Usage. Suitable for all users, 10-12 minutes. Available online.

Course: Practical Cyber Security Awareness

  • Protect Against Email and Telephone Scams. Practical quiz on ransomware, boiler rooms, phone scams, email attachments and links. Reinforces how to get it right.
  • Usage. Suitable for all users, 5-6 minutes. Available online.

Course: Physical Security Awareness

  • Protect Against Physical Security Breaches. Protect access to companies and offices. Get your people to stay alert and vigilant. What can happen when it goes wrong. How to get it right.
  • Usage. Suitable for all users, 11-13 minutes. Quiz built in. Available online.

Technology is not enough.

One of the most effective ways of dealing with these threats is by educating people. Our security awareness training explains what is important in a clear story format. For example how to identify and deal with problems as they arise.

We help companies build staff awareness . Our Security Awareness Training uses a blend of practical tests combined with on-demand training to get people aware and ready to act in the right way.

Our approach is practical and low cost. We encourage people to recognise threats and stay aware and safe.

Technology solutions alone are simply not up to the job. Human awareness is, by far, the most powerful tool in your cyber security toolbox.

How we work with you…

  • Try Before You Buy. Contact us for a demo. Sit the courses. See how they work.
  • Planning and Scheduling. We can quickly understand what is important to you. A schedule of training and testing can then be created.
  • Education. Tests and awareness sessions for users are created. Emphasis is on improvement and getting people to stay vigilant during the working day.

We offer a practical and low cost solution.


Useful Information.

Find out a little more Cyber Fraud…. (click on the image for full infographic)

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Three Easy Steps To Get Started…

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2. We will quickly find out what awareness training you need and create an easy to understand quote showing what you will get for your money.

3. Finally, we will agree a schedule to suit you. On your agreement we start delivering user testing and awareness.

GDPR Security Awareness Training

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