“Years of experience have taught me that it’s not easy to find a Pen Testing service which provides insightful advice in an engaging way, whilst providing value for money. Discovering Ambersail has certainly proven to be the exception that proves the rule! I won’t be looking elsewhere in a hurry.”
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What is Application Penetration Testing?

It is assessing a web application for security weaknesses. An example could be a retail or banking website. The aim of the test is to identify any security issues that can be misused by hackers. A tester will perform a thorough review of the entire site to find errors and recommend fixes.

Criminals target applications that provide access to valuable data such as credit card or personal details. A company often performs testing to allay security concerns for any current and future customers.


Is Application Penetration Testing Right For You?

A company performing a test can be:

Checking that a new web application has no major security issues.

Testing networks and assets for compliance. Ensuring that they avoid fines or penalties.

Needing an independent review of their products for their clients.

Demonstrating that they have fixed problems that previously resulted in a security breach.


Affordable And Straightforward Testing

Our team will help you understand exactly what needs to be tested when you contact us. You will then receive a clear work plan with costs.

If you need a one off test – fine. If you need more regular testing – fine. It is up to you.

When you use Ambersail you can expect:


  • Our UK based, CREST accredited test team performs all testing. We have been operating since 2002.
  • Prices for testing are easy to understand. There are no hidden extras.
  • Testing meets your timescales. We are ready to go when you need us.
  • We only test what is in scope. You can expect honest and clear advice.
  • You will get direct access to our CREST test team.
  • We deliver clear reports with advice on what to do next.
  • Customers receive results reviews and retests.


Need To Know More On How We Do Things?

Testing consists of three stages…

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Ambersail Application Penetration Testing Methodology

1. Discovery: Our test team starts by studying an application to see how it is built.   This helps to create a blueprint for the next stage.

2. Assessment: We now understand the structure of the web application. We can then review how the application works and what business functions it supports. Mapping how users are managed, what data is stored  and how it is protected.

3. Exploration: Our attention now turns to finding areas of weakness. Often, simple manual tests carried out by capturing and changing web traffic reveals a wealth of useful information. Our testers use this knowledge to construct exploits. Testing can find failures in how users sign-in, or what sensitive data is available. Is data entered by users processed in a safe manner?


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Why Perform Application Penetration Testing?

To find out how secure web applications are. Testing is very important for sites that process sensitive data such as financial or personal data.

As the cost to business through cyber attack continues to grow, removing weakness from applications becomes more important. As a result, compliance and standards bodies expect application penetration testing.

Companies should view testing as a business requirement.

Is Application Penetration Testing Important?

Many companies rely on web applications to support vital business functions.

Consider a company that sells products to its clients using a web application. It monitors the security of its network using an Intrusion Detection System. This reviews all network traffic and stops attacks such as denial of service.

Anyone accessing the web application communicates using trusted channels. This means that a person using the web application has valid access. As a result, security monitoring will not see a problem.

At this point, most users will use the application as intended. A hacker, however, would try to get the application to behave differently. Their aim is to find any weakness in how it was built. To access any stored data.

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Always Check Data

Companies perform Application Penetration Testing  to understand how to deal with data entered by the user.  This is known as Input Validation and if companies do not check correctly, it can create real problems. If an application cannot control input, it can behave in an unpredictable way. When this happens, a hacker could try to input commands to gain control of the application.

Testing also finds other problems such as weak passwords and issues with access controls. We suggest using OWASP  as a guide for security.

Finally, remember that criminals and hackers spend time to break down networks. For this reason, companies  should follow the same approach when testing. Make sure experienced testers perform the test and do not rely on automated tests.


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