From the moment you make first contact, you can expect great value, first class assistance to get you secure and protected.

The people who run Ambersail

Jon Morris

The most rewarding part of my job is helping people. Whether it be general or technical advice, I get a real buzz to see customers genuinely benefit from working with Ambersail. This is especially true of Penetration Testing.

Originally an Open Systems Application Developer, I now concentrate on business development and the general running of Ambersail. My analyst-programmer roots have never left me though and I have a hand in delivering all aspects of our technical services.

When I am not in work, I can often be found fly fishing, biking or hiking up a mountain in Snowdonia.

Simon Chapman

For over 30 years, I’ve performed just about every IT role imaginable: development, operations, consulting, and management.  I learned a lot. My job now is to make sure that our technical services really give our customers what they need. Cyber Security is a fast-moving area, and to understand it you have to listen to customers – and stay critically aware of emerging trends.

It’s a challenge for sure, but that’s the way I like it.

Outside of work, I’m probably training for my next marathon, half-marathon or 10k.

The values that shape our services

To provide high quality security services to meet every budget

All companies should be able to afford Cyber Security Testing. It is simply too important to ignore.
It should not be seen as something that only large organisations can afford to buy.
With Ambersail you will get low cost penetration testing services that make the very best use of your money.

Listening and working with our customers

Cyber Security is an industry of oversold security products offering false promises.
The truth is that there are no silver bullets. We share our hard won knowledge with you to cut through the sales noise and industry buzzwords. Providing customers with what they actually need. Demonstrating that an expensive solution is often not required.

An established track record of delivering to some of the largest and most successful companies in the world.

Low cost penetration testing services. We offer assistance right from first contact.

Client communication is extremely important. Our advice is peer reviewed and carefully measured.

We have an experienced, closely-knit audit team.