All the advice, documentation and scanning support you will need to get PCI compliant.

Supporting you right through to successful Self Assessment

Self Assessing for PCI can be a lonely and often frustrating place. If you are a merchant, you might have only been told by your Acquiring bank that you need to be PCI compliant … and no more. A Service Provider might expect even less guidance.

Get the right advice straight away

So where to start? What is PCI DSS? What must I complete to show my company is compliant? Will we be fined for not being compliant? What needs to be scanned? These are just a few of the questions that companies have as they embark on PCI DSS compliance.

Questions that we answer as the basis of our Self Assessment Assistance Package.

Getting started is easy

Our tried and tested self-assessment package takes out all of the confusion. We have many years’ hard won experience getting clients PCI compliant. We have been a PCI scan provider and QSA assessor for over ten years.

Honest, no-nonsense advice

When you contact us, we can start to help you understand what the next steps are. We are completely open and honest. A brief chat with a few simple questions can help us understand the progress that you have made and when you need to do next. If you are completely new to PCI, that’s fine.

Reducing your PCI burden

Once we understand your arrangements, we can advise on the right Questionnaire that you need to complete. If need be, what is to be scanned by our ASV Scanning solution. Customers often are able to perform simple tweaks that drastically reduce the amount of effort required to get compliant.

Results driven

Our goal is to get your company PCI DSS compliant as quickly and painlessly as possible. We will help you understand what needs to be included and assessed – and what can be removed. Reducing time, effort and money to get and stay PCI Compliant.

Full support

Our self-assessment package is supported by comprehensive vulnerability scanning using our ASV solution. Written policies and procedures to meet all reporting requirements are delivered as part of our package.

Quick results

We build in a full day working with one of our PCI compliance experts. They will visit you and spend a full day working through your PCI compliance programme. Often, companies are able to sign off their annual return during the visit with the confidence gained from  an independent expert from Ambersail.

Contact us to get your self-assessment project moving in the right direction.

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