High quality penetration testing need not cost the earth. Get the results you need quickly to meet your deadlines.

Great Value Network Penetration Testing Delivered By Experts

Why should you pay over the odds to test the security of your networks?


Do you need internal or external network penetration testing? Analysis of the security of your wireless environment? A PCI Penetration Test? Understanding weaknesses in your IP Telephony system?

Ambersail will understand and assess your systems with the minimum of fuss and expense.

Help and Guidance

If you are not sure what is required to perform testing, do not worry. Our team of experienced test engineers can guide you on what to include and how to get the most from the exercise. We have many years’ hard-won experience getting clients secure and meeting compliance and regulatory requirements.

Through cyber security review

Hassle-free engagement

When you contact us, you will get to speak with a real person who understands Network Penetration Testing. Someone that has managed test engagements and will be able to understand what you need. We can quickly advise on your requirements and develop a cost schedule to work with your budget. The areas of your network that we test will be clearly stated so you can see exactly what you are going to get for your money.


If you need us to come on site, we can be with you at the earliest opportunity. If you need testing to be performed remotely, our cyber security testing rigs can assess the largest and most complex networks.

Results Focussed

We offer value from the moment we start testing. If any serious issues are identified, we notify you immediately. Once testing has completed, we provide easy to read and action test results reports. We walk through these results with you just to make absolutely sure that you understand what we have found and how to remove any issues.

Penetration Testing gets network secure

What you get for your money

As soon as you contact us, we will provide the best testing package for your requirements. That might be ‘tick-box’ testing a small network solely for compliance purposes or a comprehensive detailed assessment to meet security best practice.

Meeting Your Requirements

Once the testing schedule has been agreed we set to work identifying issues and vulnerabilities. Often, this is guided by objectives that our customers have provided. An example of this is understanding whether sensitive data can be accessed from the public Internet. Test results are continually reviewed to provide further clues on identifying weaknesses. We see Penetration Testing as a manual exercise performed by experienced people.

Understandable Reports

Once testing is completed, you will receive a comprehensive report that not only reports on specific findings with fix information, but also a high level diagnosis of your networks with management style reporting.


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