From Health to Security: The Best Apps For Senior Citizens

by Brian Zeng

It is not unusual for senior citizens to be extremely skeptical about technology, and that is sometimes frustrating to their family members. This skepticism, however, should be seen in its right context. It is not a reflection on the ability or inability of the technology to deliver but more an inherent distrust of something we haven’t grown up with or haven’t known for long.

The smartphone technology of today is nothing short of miraculous. It has also evolved at such fast a pace that even the younger generations have to learn to keep up. Anybody who hasn’t been clued into the long and endless roll-out of newer forms of mobile devices will quickly find themselves on the sidelines, scratching their heads and wondering what on earth is going on.

Senior citizens often wonder why people are increasingly glued to their phones – a device primarily meant to make and receive calls with the ability to store and play music being a plus?

This surprise will be lessened when they take a close look at how the humble smartphone can become their best assistant via its features and apps that do exactly what they were meant to – make our lives easier.

Seniors in particular should clutch this technology with both hands (and the reasons for that will become apparent as you read further).

So without any delay, let’s look at some of the best apps in the market for senior citizens. These could be related to health or information security, basically anything that just plain makes life easier.

(Disclaimer: When we say ‘in the market’ we are not referring to apps that come at a price. Even though there are some excellent ones that fall in that category, and we encourage you to check them out. But for the purpose of this post, we will stick to the apps available for free download.)


1. My Eyes Only

This app is meant to be a one-stop access to all your passwords and important data. It will store your card details — credit cards, debit cards, shopping cards, traveling cards, etc.; information about your financial accounts; web login details; passport details; insurance details; and medical details, all in one place and secure it with a password.

So the only thing that you need to remember is your password to the app. No more having to keep track of a hundred different things lying here and there. Retrieval of information is also very fast and hassle free since you are more likely to have your phone with you than a laptop or a sheet of paper.

If you are someone who does not like to remember a number of things and tend to forget in which diary you had scribbled what, this app can be your savior.

Available for free download to apple devices.

2. The Vault

This is another app that stores all your documents (Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, powerpoint presentations, photos, notes, etc.) in one place and encrypts the confidential information.

Cloud storage option is also available, which means you can access your data from anywhere.

The app runs on apple devices and is available for free download.

(A note: there are many apps out there that offer similar features. So Android and Windows Phone owners don’t feel left out. A simple search will yield options compatible to your phone software. The aim of this post is to give you an idea of the extent to which you can use your smartphone to aid your daily living.)

 3. Find my iPhone

Forgetting where you left your phone is not something that is confined to an age group, but more likely to happen to those who simply haven’t been in the habit of carrying their phone with them all the time.

When that happens, and you simply have no idea where it could be – the best way to find it is to ring it from another number. That will tell you instantly where it is lying. But if your phone is set on a silent or vibrate mode, or is in some place far away, that won’t be of much help. An app like ‘Find my iPhone’ will locate your missing phone on a map if you sign into the app from another iOS device. The app will also make your phone play a sound on full volume, regardless of the sound settings saved on your phone, to enable you to find it if it is within your earshot.

You can also use this app to remote secure your data while you are still looking for your missing phone.

Available for free download on apple devices.

 4. Mint

Take the pain out of money management with an app like Mint. It will store all your personal financial information in one place and keep track of your spending, while also allowing you to set a budget.

Depending on how you use this app, it can help you plan for your retirement, create monthly budgets, and even give you recommendations on where you can save.

Available for free download on iOS and Android devices.

 5. AARP

Any senior in the US absolutely should have this app, even if they are not a part of AARP. The app will create for you a community feel, since you will have access to the best content on the AARP website, as well as any and all news, views, reviews, health and financial advice, and discounts, pertaining to seniors.

The best part of this app is that it can be downloaded for free to iOS, Android, as well as Windows phones.

 6. MapQuest

This app offers voice-guided navigation and alerts you about the traffic along your chosen route. If you make a wrong turn it will re-route you and put on the right track. You can also use this app to look up the landmarks, restaurants, and gas stations in the area you are in or are headed to.

Available for free download to Android devices.

Author Bio:

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