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Our New Northern UK Office

Ambersail Sci Tech Daresbury Office

After a few hectic months we have finally arrived at our new North UK offices at the Innovation Centre at the Daresbury Science Park. After a flurry of recruitment at Ambersail, this Sci-Tech site is perfect for what we need during our next stage of growth. The building is brand new and has all the… Read more »

Network Penetration Testing

network penetration testing High quality penetration testing need not cost the earth. Get the results you need quickly to meet your deadlines. Great Value Network Penetration Testing Delivered By Experts Why should you pay over the odds to test the security of your networks? Experienced Do you need internal or external network penetration testing? Analysis of the security of your... Read more »

Application Penetration Testing

What is Application Penetration Testing? It is a security assessment of an application. The objective is to identify any security weaknesses that can be exploited by hackers. Any web application may be targeted by criminals. Many web sites provide access to valuable data such as credit card details, personal information or intellectual property. A common... Read more »

Onsite PCI DSS Compliance Pack

All the advice, documentation and assessment support you will need to get PCI compliant. Getting you through an onsite PCI assessment Successfully getting through an onsite PCI DSS assessment can be tough. We understand that. We have been assisting and assessing companies for over a decade. Scope reduction, defining your cardholder data environment, creation of... Read more »

PCI DSS Self Assessment Pack

PCI scan for weaknesses All the advice, documentation and scanning support you will need to get PCI compliant. Supporting you right through to successful Self Assessment Self Assessing for PCI can be a lonely and often frustrating place. If you are a merchant, you might have only been told by your Acquiring bank that you need to be PCI compliant... Read more »

Social Engineering

Social engineering employs a series of techniques designed to compel target individuals to react in a way that is beneficial to the attacker. Techniques employed  might include: Asking a member of staff to hold open a door so the attacker can enter premises without credentials. Providing false credentials in order to gain access to sensitive… Read more »

G-Cloud Penetration Testing

Unbiased independent assessment As a CREST certified organisation, we offer unbiased and independent assessment ensuring that your G-Cloud service supports this key requirement. We know from years of experience how different information systems can be securely separated, and we provide a thorough test that confirms that separation. Tried and tested methodology Review: We perform a… Read more »