Barclaycard Risk Reduction Programme Position Statement

Barclaycard has issued the following positioning statement regarding the Barclaycard Risk Reduction Programme and it’s relationship with the PCI DSS and participating card schemes (Visa, Mastercard, Amex).

If you’re a Barclaycard merchant participating in the BRRP, this positioning statement may be of interest to you. If you’d like to find our more about the BRRP, you should contact Barclaycard directly. Further information from

Here’s the statement in full.

The Barclaycard Risk Reduction Programme (BRRP) is a prioritised risk-based based methodology designed to assist merchants in attaining or maintaining PCI DSS compliance within the context of their wider risk mitigation and governance requirements. All Card Scheme requirements and reporting needs with regard to PCI DSS compliance remain a stipulated requirement of all merchants participating in the programme.

The BRRP enforces the full intent of each PCI DSS requirements as there is a desired goal to have consistent implementation of PCI standards across the globe. The BRRP is aimed at merchants as a means of reducing risk in the quickest manner when on their journey towards full compliance. This approach can be used to aid the completion of the PCI SSC Prioritized Approach, as required by the Card Schemes and relevant mandates and continues to require quarterly progress according to existing card scheme requirements.

The BRRP does not remove the obligation of merchants to ensure that particular PCI DSS requirements will be eventually “in place”. In addition, the BRRP methodology is in line with the recent PCI SSC guidelines on Risk Assessment

Therefore merchants on the BRRP that are multi-acquired/ multi-scheme will continue to report according to existing requirements (milestone approach, as delivered by the GRC tool), and in addition, for Barclaycard only, will also report quarterly on risk reduction activities.

As ever, please contact us if you have any questions regarding the above.

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