Your applications could offer a direct route into you networks and confidential data. Quickly find and remove weaknesses using our testing services.

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Application Penetration Testing without the hype

Hearing the same message time and time again from penetration testing companies..?   We excel… we are industry certified… we are experienced… we are the best….

Back to reality

Everyone is saying the same thing. It can be difficult to choose where everyone is reciting similar accolades. After all talk is cheap and the cyber security industry has more than its fair share of bold claims and magic bullets.

We do not forget who is important

Here at Ambersail we put you first. You … the customer. Never mind how marvellous we are … or how accredited we are … or how many countries we operate in. It is You that is important. Your requirements. Your budget. Your applications that need testing.

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Easy to get started

On contacting us, you will speak with a person who understands Application Security. We will understand what you need and then confirm what you can expect from the exercise. The discussion results in a cost schedule that will work within your budget. You will see exactly what you are going to get for your money.


Whether you may need us to come on site or work remotely, we can be working with you at the earliest opportunity. Our application test suite and engineer team can assess the largest and most complex applications. This we do to industry standards such as OWASP, so you be confident that results are recognised and respected.

Results Focussed

As we test, any serious issues identified are immediately disclosed. Once testing has completed, we provide easy to read reports. Information on fixing weaknesses is clearly stated. We walk through these results with you just to make absolutely sure that you understand what we have found and how to fix any issues.

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Value for money

We aim to provide you with application penetration testing to suit your requirements. That could be a modest Ecommerce application for compliance purposes or a complicated suite of applications as you would find at large financial institutions.

Meeting your requirements

When testing begins, we set to work identifying issues and vulnerabilities. This can be influenced with specific objectives from you. If you need us to focus on any aspect in particular, we can accommodate.

Understandable reports

When testing is complete, you can expect a detailed report that includes both specific findings with fix information and management style reporting.

Contact us to get started on securing your applications.

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